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Cush Comfort started as a way for the owner (hi, it’s me! Chris!) to get relief from my own back pain.

I developed a herniated disc at 26... And I needed something that would keep my legs and back from flaring up in pain when I sat down for extended periods.

Finally arrived at the Cush Comfort Seat Cushion... And it worked--the cushion basically gave me my life back!

Now it’s your turn.

Whether you have back pain from sitting in your office chair at your desk all day...

Or you get uncomfortable during your trips in the car...

Or just want extra support for your recliner…

Cush Comfort has your *back* (cheesy? Sure. Could I help myself? Nope :-)).

Anyway...Join the nearly 20,000 customers that have found relief from their back pain.

Pain-free sitting, standing, or sleeping is just a couple clicks away.

What would your life be like if that pain in your back, the one you feel right now, disappeared?

Imagine it...Now try your new pillow risk-free today.

Designed to Bring Instant Relief to Your Pain

We know what it’s like to think “suck it up and deal with it” or “maybe the pain will be better tomorrow.” We know how it feels to wake up somewhere between a 5 and a 12 on the pain scale, wondering how you’ll get through another 8 painful hours at the office, or drive even 30 minutes in serious discomfort to run your errands. The pain leaves you uncomfortable, tired, and defeated. We even know what it’s like to want to give up on trying to find a solution. That desperation spawned the idea behind Cush Comfort--this is the last pillow you’ll need to try. Get relief from your back pain. Live your life without chronic back pain--get excited about going to work, look forward to a long car ride again, relax in your favorite chair, comfortably--all without any of the back pain you’re experiencing now. :)

If You Aren’t 100% Satisfied, We’ll Give You Your Money Back

Here at Cush Comfort, we design our products having in mind the most important quality-control specialists…*Drumroll, please!* ...our moms! If our products are good enough for them, then we’re confident they’ll be good enough for everyone else! In all seriousness, we vouch for the products we produce and we stand behind their high quality. We know what the success of this pillow can mean for your life: It means feeling good when you leave work, not feeling depleted and uncomfortable. It means going to that concert, even though it’s a 50 minute drive, and getting there pain-free. It means just being comfortable when you sit down in your own home, and finally being able to relax, pain-free. If the Cush Comfort pillow doesn’t give you the back pain relief you’re aching for, just let us know and you will get 100% of your money back. If you ever have any questions, write us a message any time and a real person will respond within a day.

Tens of Thousands of Customers Have Found Pain Relief

It worked for us, when our owner was recovering from a spinal injury. It worked for a woman who never thought she’d be pain-free and comfortable at work, ever again. It worked for a man who’d suffer badly whenever he spent a long time driving (which was often). Cush Comfort has relieved back pain for all three of these sufferers--and it’s provided relief and comfort for about 20,000 others, too! Office chairs, truck seats, recliners, airplane seats, restaurant booths--thousands of people have relieved their pain at work, at home, on the road, and even dining out. You could be next! You’re just one pillow away from getting relief.

No Smells, No Flattening--Only 100% High Quality Memory Foam

Your new Cush Comfort pillow is made from 100% pure, Grade A memory foam with NO fillers. Now, if this is your first support pillow, that might not mean anything to you… Because you haven’t dealt with the terrible pillows out there--pillows that flatten into an unusable sheet of fabric by the third use. Or pillows that just...stink for some reason. No, our pillows have no off-gassing and no strange smells, and they hold their shape. They’re designed for you to use them confidently and comfortably as often as you need.

How was the Cush Comfort founded you ask?

PS Switch off your ad blocker and check out our video about the beginnings of our Cush Comfort Seat Cushion!

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Cush Comfort Seat Cushion

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